Big Blue by Alexandru Cînean

16 lei

Art print pe hartie texturata. Suvenir de dimensiuni reduse. Imaginea pastreaza integral detaliile lucrarii, in original, iar editia de print-uri este editie limitata.

Acest model este prezent atat ca postcard, cat si poster.

Cotton material is good stretch, soft, cool, comfortable to wear for the wearer
Young design, spacious design creates cool, especially suitable for active, active girls
Can be combined with the leg of the skirt or jeans, creating a style that is both simple and youthful
Branded and manufactured in Vietnam

Sunny Kimi AT180005 white shirt is a design of Kimi brand. Austrian comfortable and cool to wear always confident to participate in daily activities. If you love simple and dynamic style, you should not ignore this T-shirt because it has beautiful and beautiful designs, suitable for young fashion trend today.

You could combine a t-shirt with jeans or a skirt for a walk, walk, school, or even a home stay.


Black, Blue, Gray, Green, Red, Yellow


S, M, L


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